c o n t a c t

Almost all images and words are mine.
(or occasionally my husbands, but I forget to give him the credit sometimes for the photos he takes... oops).

You can feel free to use a few images or words of mine, but please link back to me and credit all photos.  If you would like to use more than a few, or an entire post, please email me.  (Trust me, I would be more than flattered.)

If I am using someone else's image, I try to always credit the owner properly.  If I have borrowed something of yours and didn't credit it properly, or you would like it removed/changed, send me an email and I will fix it quick.

If you want to chat, share something,  or work on something together please email me.  It would make me blush, really.  I prefer nice emails, so if you want to yell at me, please don't.

email: nessabixler@gmail.com
twitter: @nessamoments
my other blog: http://momentsinphotography.blogspot.com/