The Wright Home and Studio

While in Chicago, we indulged in another love of ours - Frank Lloyd Wright architecture.  We were able to visit the first home and studio he designed.  It was very interesting to see how different his style was when studying under Louis Sullivan.  The house was more ornate in the beginning, with poured plaster moldings detailing a Roman fight scene and cast ceiling tiles with a ornate design.  In the middle of the ornate ceiling decor was a utilitarian round pendant light that is strikingly the famous Wright style for which he is known.  

Being a lover of the ornate and plain, the old and new, the minimalist with unique carvings - I adored the mix and contrast of the styles.  

I love this statue, it is so tranquil.  Wright used these statues in many of his homes.  I can not imagine how these statues were viewed in the early 1900's.  Even today they seem modern and even futuristic.

Last of all there is Boulder Man.  Mike and I fell in love with these statues that were placed at the entrance to the studio, and we had ordered a reproduction.  It just seems like he is trying to hide himself from the elements - even though he has a strong body - he looks meek.  I can not wait for our to arrive.

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