Snow in April

I know, I know...

It isn't unheard of or even unexpected, but snow this week was not what I was expecting. Ever since Mike and I have been back from Italy I have been in a rut of moods. My mood hasn't been terrible, just gray and clammy around the edges. Not too unlike the weather we are having outside.

I took a long lunch today, on the sunny side of things, and visited with Amanda and Cristy. It was nice to see both of them. I haven't seen Amanda in months. Actually, it has been since Cristy's wedding... October. It is always good to be around people who you can be your true self - no phrase watching needed. Life has made it a lot harder for us to see each other, and choices compound that in some cases. Cristy and I have made it a point to get together at least once a month. We have succeeded and even up'ed the ante to twice a month. This is the first day in a long time that Amanda has made it.

I put dinner in the slow cooker before I left this morning, so as long as everything works out okay - I plan to get a workout in before dinner and then Mike and I will have some much deserved quality time together. He worked 60 hours this weekend - so it will be good to have him home and not tired.

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