Parts of My Heart

I have quite a few great people in my life...

But my husband is the best.  I am lucky everyday to have someone  who supports me, loves me, disagrees with me and gives me balance.

Michael has been working in the emergency room this month, and our schedules have not worked out.  On this long holiday weekend, he has to study for one of those large tests that help him to stay employed as a Doctor-in-training.  No cookouts, or picnics for us these weekend.  If so, I am going solo.

I found myself getting mad and resentful about not getting to see him.  That evil, selfish monster of mine was out and about.  Then, I came across this picture and the story around it is pretty much a synopsis of how he and I are, and one of the small reasons he is so great.

The fur baby is Cupcake.  She is the cat I did not want. 

 You see, there was a weekend when Michael and I first moved into to our apartment, and he was busy a lot with friends, work and friends.  Almost all of his friends at the time were single and so it was guys night most of the time.  One weekend in particular he was going to see his first Ohio State football game.  The day before, we went to the pet store, and I saw Zoey - she was one of the shelter kitties there.  The rattiest, ugliest kitten that ever lived.  I fell in love instantly.  

Newly on our own, and watching our pennies like crazy - a kitten was not in the stars.  I held her, and begged for her, but Michael convinced me to walk away.  I couldn't stop thinking about her.  The morning of the OSU game - I hid his keys and refused to give them back until he okayed the kitten and called our landlord to get permission.  I got Zoey and Michael made it to the game on time.  (And yes, I am a stubborn brat - but only about once a year - it has to be BIG for me to act like that.... I promise)

Zoey was the best and craziest cat I had ever met.  I found out that she was from a Kitty Mill that had been shut down.  She was a cross between a Sphinx and a Rex (Devon or Cornish).  The looked like a mutt.  She had "barely there" hair and you could see her skin.  She was prefect.  She slept under the covers, played hide and seek, loved to get in the shower with us.  I'll post a pictures and give you more stories on her later.

She was only with us for about 2 and a half years.  Then she became sick, then REALLY sick.  She ended up having FIP, a virus that attacks cats' internal organs, and is always fatal.  We put Zoey to sleep once we knew that there was nothing we could do.  It devastated me and Michael.  I never wanted a cat again.  Michael, being the caring and loving husband he is, went with out me knowing and found a breeder.  Not just any breeder, a breeder that sat on the board of the Cat Fanciers Association.  I had been anti-breeder since I found out how Zoey came down with this disease.

HOLD UP! I know, I know - there are many shelter animals that are in dire need of a good home.  I volunteer at these shelters.  My mother, and Michael are both allergic to cats.  Devon Rex cats, while not for everyone, sometimes are able to coexist with people who are normally allergic.  

Also, good breeders do not breed for money.  The do it for the love of the breed.  They create kittens that diversify and improve the breed.  Kittens and and adults that get to go to homes are not frequent.  They are all altered (spayed or neutered) before going to homes.  Good breeders do not cage - they share their home with their animals and know every ones mother, father, grandfather.  Our breeder still checks in on our two babies regularly.  She screened us, called our vet and we interviewed.  Okay, done defending.

But our first baby thawed my heart and mended me.  She was three years old.  She had had 2 litters of kittens, and had retired.  She was a Grand Champion when she was being shown. One of little ones was even on the cover of a magazine!  Closest to celebrity I have ever been.  Now she was looking for a forever home.  

Cupcake, or Cuppy, loves me so much.  Funny how animals know when you need them.  When ever I am sick, sad, or really upset - she knows it and is right there.  So does her other keeper, my husband Michael.  Even when our schedules make it hard to be together - he is always there when I need him - even if I don't know I do.

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Verily I go. said...

Sweet story Nessa, made me cry. I have a cat that feels me too.