Some of my finds

These are from over a month ago...

First, the most adorable planter ever. I love the owl and the fact that it all white, so even though it is slightly kitchy, it is completely clean and modern in style. I call him hoot. (I have a tendency to give almost all inanimate objects moods, emotions and some are lucky to get a name also.) He was $7.

Hoot resides on a 3 foot turned piece of wood - Michael calls it my table leg - which was found a few years ago at the "Worlds Longest Yard Sale" - check it out - it is the first weekend in August every year.

That same day I also found these 70's prints by K. Chin that I loved from the moment I saw them. I bought them and hid them in my car with the hopes of a nursery to hang them in soon. It happened faster than I thought - and I can't wait to find the perfect frames. They are all 12" X 9" so I might have to have them made... none the less at $5 a piece - I can splurge on some frames.

Then, last night I went one of my VERY favorite thrift stores. It was right around the corner from our first apartment. Most of the early decorations, dishes and many outfits came from there. I was feeling nostalgic and not feeling sick - so I made the trip over there before I went home last night. I found a gem...

It is in great condition. The vinyl has a tiny tear in the seat and another small one on the back. I am playing around with the idea of recovering it in some new vinyl. You can't see it in the picture, because it was soaking - but it even had the original strap from the seat to the tray. It was $9.99. Baby won't need it for over a year - but I couldn't pass it up.


Another Concerned Citizen said...

The World's Longest Yard Sale actually starts on the first Thursday in August through the following Sunday. www.127sale.com

Walt Page
Executive Director
Fentress County Chamber of Commerce

Nessa said...

Yes... like all good garage sales... starts on Thursday. To me, who always worked through the week - it doesn't start until Saturday. Maybe one year I will get to go early and spend the entire time looking for treasures.