Camera and Pumpkins

Our camera finally broke for good yesterday. This is the camera that I have been stalking and crossing my fingers I could find it on sale somewhere.

It isn't as compact as our last camera, but with 10mp and 10X optic zoom... it will be nice to not have to get up in someones face to get a close shot... I am thinking sleeping baby here.

I am really hoping to make it here this weekend ... with a camera would be nice - but I don't think a big camera purchase is on our agenda for the week.

The Circleville Pumpkin Festival and Show. We had been planning on going on Sunday - but the festival ends on Saturday so I am not sure if we will make it there at all.

I was really wanting to eat my way through the streets. Pumpkin flavored anything is the tastiest stuff on earth... and fair food meets pumpkin and cinnamon... OH Be Still My Heart! (and my growling stomach!) I am crossing my fingers that we have time on Saturday.

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Priscila said...

This is a a huge pumpkin! WOW! I love your blog! So full of great things!

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