Our New Toy

Michael has been a Nintendo fan from the beginning. He has had all of the systems and loves his Wii. I, on the other hand, loved the very first Nintendo more than all others. The Mario's, Zelda, Tetris and Dr. Mario are classic games that even video game challenged me could play and win.

I have had some fun playing the Wii... partly because the we downloaded the old Mario's from the original system to the Wii and I can play those games again... but I haven't really loved much else. Even though the Wii Fit and other training games look like they could be interesting - the cost of these (up near $100) has curbed my enthusiasm.

Last night Michael had to have this game... the new Mario. I had planned on getting it for him for Christmas - but he couldn't wait - imagine that.

I do have to say - that after over an hour of playing this game with him... Yes - that is right - players can play together - working as a team - it was SO much fun!

Nintendo really hit the nail on the head with a game that is so much like the old school games I love - with the graphics and new system features that keep it new. Well worth purchasing early. Plus - you don't have to wait for the other player to die for you to have a turn! Great buy... now what to get Michael for Christmas...

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