I talk to you all the time - about my day, my dreams for you, my fears for you, how cute your daddy is and how excited was are to have you in our lives. But I realized that there are no records of our conversations. So, as you are getting ready to meet your world, and we get ready to have you in ours... I decided to write letters to you.

I first wanted to make hand written letters, on cute stationary, and keep them in a box for you to read later - if you wanted - and for me to read later - probably when you were growing up too fast. I made this plan months ago - and your perfectionist mommy couldn't get past the stationary purchase point of the plan. So, at least for now, letters on this blog will have to work.

Christmas is a week away little one, and I can't believe your birthday is getting so close. You are getting bigger everyday. You are running out of space in there, and have been sure to let me know it.

You have been getting the hiccups almost everyday. It feels like there is a little drummer in my tummy keeping perfect time. I don't think you like the hiccups - you will squirm around from head to toe after a minute or two of having them. To me, they are wonderful... your diaphragm is getting great exercise so it is ready for you to take your first breath. Hang in there Deedle, they are good for you, I promise.

One of me and daddy's favorite things to do lately, is to feel your little body parts. We will feel around on the tummy for the little hard spots. Usually when we rub it, you move it or thump right back. We can almost pretend we are touching you that way. Your daddy likes to hold my belly at night. He says it feels like he is holding you.

Keep growing and keep your head down.

Love, Mommy

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Jules said...

WOW, I love this. A Christmas baby, maybe?

I am also expecting a grandaughter..... any day now. It's a lovely time of year to bring new life into the world.

... but when isn't it?