Dear Deedle

Happy New Year little one!

Now that 2010 is here, you are free to arrive whenever you desire. I would like a few more days at work - I have been off this whole last week. A little catch-up and cleaning of my office would be nice for those covering for mommy while I get to be home with you.

I have been really looking forward to this year since knowing you were arriving. I can't believe your birthday is less than a month away.

Looking back over last year - it was pretty spectacular. Mommy and Daddy went to Italy. Celebrating our 5th anniversary there was amazing.
Then - finding out we were going to be having you... that really made 2009 spectacular.

So many people are so excited to meet you. Your family and friends and especially daddy and I.

You are getting stronger everyday. I think that room inside has become a premium, but there is still enough for kicks and stretches. You will be having your last ultrasound this week - just to make sure that your due date is what is should be. I am looking forward to another peek at you.

I am going to the doctor every week now. You are still head down, and your head is pretty far down - so you seem to now what you are supposed to do already. I have all my appointments scheduled through the end of January and on the calendar. Talk about a reality check - putting all the appointments down in ink that I should need until you arrive was a huge one. You will be here so soon!

I am really looking forward to holding you, kissing you and seeing you. I cant wait to see your daddy hold you. From the moment I found out you were coming - that was the first image that I had in my mind - your daddy holding a bundled up little you. You will make your daddy and I into a family. We really can't wait for that. Happy New Year Deedle!

Love mommy.

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