So, I love to cook. Cooking dinner after work was the way I would unwind. I like to think that I produce slightly above average results. I have never posted about it - yet...

All this said... I am not a baker. All early attempts at a young age were disastrous. The burning, forgotten steps, forgotten ingredients, cakes that never rose and cookies that resembled hockey pucks.

Proof of this - I do not own sugar, baking soda, baking powder, butter... not a pinch or pat.

I do have a small container of flour - about 2 cups if I were being generous. Some sauces need a little roux to come together - I make mine with olive oil instead of butter - but close enough.

If it has been baked, it has been from a box, tube or package. But I wanted to change - I want to be able to bake something, anything.

Then I saw these here from here, and they had me at "flourless." Thanks Summer for the link to Sheena.

I did need some alterations. I couldn't justify brown sugar (or regular sugar) if this baking thing wasn't gong to stick. So I substituted 1 cup of sugar for: 1 cup of Splenda + 1/4 cup of honey + 1 tablespoon of molasses.

I bought baking powder - but I needed baking soda. I made do...

and they were yummy!


Anonymous said...

The bottom right one looks like a face with a tongue sticking out :) they look delish

Michelle said...

they look yummy!!