Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank you Aly from My Solace for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Such a sweet honor from a blog I love to read.

So seven things about me...

  1. I love thunderstorms - especially the really bad ones the kill the power for a few hours
  2. I hate the highway or expressways
  3. The snaps on pants give me an allergic reaction
  4. I am not a huge fan of ice cream or cake
  5. The tubes that pre-made biscuits or rolls come in make me nervous to open - scared even
  6. My favorite meal includes hot wings and a draft beer
  7. The smell of matches burning is one of my favorites

So to pass this along to a blogger I know deserves it... Kerri at I'm Just Saying. She has the sweetest family and the most is the most honest and refreshing writer.

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