Stock vs. Broth

I was unsure the difference between stock and broth.

After some research, the only difference I can find is that stock includes a longer cooking time and the use of bones. Broth has a shorter cooking time and meat only. Both have veggies and herbs.

I have wanted to make my own stock/broth for quite a while. The thought of putting something on the stove for that long seemed implausible. Then it hit me - why not make it in the slowcooker. Less heat, no babysitting and it can cook while I am at work.

A quick Google search revealed that I am not the first person with this idea. All the recipes seemed to be the same, but I tweaked and combined a few and this is how it ended. The one I used most it this one.

So I guess I made stock since it slow cooked for 14 hours and I used chicken with the bones.

Chicken Stock from the Slowcooker

  • 3 pounds of chicken pieces (I used breasts)
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • 1 onion
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 tbsp vinegar
  • Mixed herbs and seasonings
  • Water

I started mine after right before bed. Cut up the veggies into chunks. With the celery, I cut of the entire end of the package. This left the stalks ready to be used for snacks.

For the herbs I used bay leaf, sage, rosemary and thyme. The seasoning I added were whole peppercorns and about a tablespoon of 21 Seasoning Salute from Trader Joe's. I love this stuff. I omitted the salt. If I need it in a recipe, it can be added later.

A few places suggested adding some vinegar. It is supposed to help draw out the nutrients from the bones. I used about a tablespoon of white wine vinegar. I was a little afraid of how it would taste, but in the end - you could not tell it was there.

Add the chicken and cover with water. Set it on low and head to bed. With Eva, I go to bed around 11 and was woke up the next morning at 5 - so my stock cooked for about 6 hours.

In the morning, remove chicken pieces. Removed the meat and returned everything else to the slowcooker. Let cook for 8 more hours. This is the amount of time I was at work - so really it cooked about 13 hours.

If your slow cooker does not have a great seal with he lid on, you may have to add more water as it evaporates. I added about 2 cups.

I strained out the stock in a colander. This left little bits and specks of herbs, which I am okay with. For a cleaner look - there were recommendations for a fine mesh strainer or cheese cloth.

As you can see, my measurements are lacking. I am not a measurer... I just toss and taste. This is why I haven't attempted baking too much... but I will... baking is on my to-do list.

So, anyway... I bagged my stock in freezer bags - 2 cups per bag and stuck in the freezer.

Bonus: The cooked chicken has endless uses. Chicken salad, pizza topping, bbq shredded chicken... yumm!

Question: Does anyone have a good use for all the cooked veggies? Is there one?

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Jules said...

Thanks for the inspiration Nessa!! I'm trying to eat completely organic. This is a good idea.