Date Night...

...so my husband planned an evening for us.

It is our first date alone since Eva was born. We have had a night out with a group of friends, and had a sitter so we could move and run errands...

but not just for a date...

just us...
So Michael had a plan... a surprise for me.

We went downtown and started at our first stop. A sushi place. Michael then told me the plan. We were restaurant hopping.

One appetizer to share and one drink at each stop.

(He had to tell me the plan right away because I was ordering sushi rolls almost before we sat down.)

First stop: calamari and sake

Second stop: crab cake and white wine

Third stop: scallops wellington and red wine

Fourth stop: cupcake, ice cream and coffee

It was perfect.

The food was yummy. We tried three new restaurants and a bakery all in one night.

I am still thinking about one of those sushi rolls... so we will have to make a repeat trip soon.

Eva's Nana (Michael's sister) came and stayed with Eva. She refused the bottle - but ate her sweet potatoes and green beans with pears for dessert. Eva loves her Nana. I didn't miss her until the drive home.

It was a great evening.

Thank you Michael and Nana...
Three is better than two, but sometimes just two is really nice.


jill said...

aw, that sounds like such a fun date. corbin is already one and ryan and i still havent gone on a date night! its more of me not wanting to leave the baby, er toddler than anything. we need to just go and do it. seeing how much fun you two had really made me want to just do it!!!

I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

That sounds like a really fun evening. I might have to do something like that for our anniversary. I agree though, one sushi roll is never enough!

the southern hostess said...

What a fun idea! Love it!

Jennifer said...

What a fun date night! I might have to just casually pass that on to my hubby ;)