We were going to our nephews football game.  I planned a picnic.   It was a gorgeous day and the drive was an hour long, so we needed to leave as soon as Michael was home from work.  

Home cooked food is way better than drive thru.

So I cooked, packed, and we left right away.

Right when we pulled into the high school, this started...
Yep, rain.  We thought it would blow over and we waited it out.

Then grandpa came, and we waited it out together.  It kept raining...

Hunger won and we broke out the shrimp and pasta salad.  
(Just your regular, family's pasta salad plus some grilled shrimp.... yumm)

Eva ate green beans and banana.

It finally stopped raining.

We got to watch the game, and they won.  I love my nephew's smile here... it was after his 3rd touchdown.

Eva hated the announcer - he was loud.  But she loved her daddy holding her standing up so she could see everything.

Picnics in the car still count and they are nice.


Heidi said...

Oh Nessa, I love evrything about this post. Just beautiful story-telling all around. Love the beeb's little hands on the car window and the shrimp pasta salad looks delicious! LOVE.

Rici said...

Yay for green beans and bananas! Two of Teagan's favorites too!

And by the way...I picked you for a blog award that was given to me. To accept, just go to my blog and follow the steps to pass it on