Pre-weekend Bits

... Eva is napping... finally... so I hope she sleeps the rest of this fever bug right out of her.
... although, I enjoyed the sleepy cuddle bug, but I miss my little monster.
... school just let out and I am watching the excited little ones walk home.
... we have "family" coming next week and I have a list of last minute things to fluff.
... oh yeah, and we need to get a place for them to sleep.
... todays plans had to be pushed to Monday and I am trying to let that go.
... there are yellow roses out my back door and I love them.
... I am wearing a jacket and a scarf today... hello fall.
... plans are to go pumpkin and apple picking this weekend.
Have a great weekend.


I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

Wow I am very jealous of the beautiful yellow roses. I'm jealous of the pumpkin and apple picking too!

Aly said...

Fall has arrived:) Yay for Apple picking!!!!