Eva's room is slowly coming together. Putting the final touches on it with out spending much has been hard.

I have always shopped for deals and been known to look at the thrift store for things, but going from two incomes to one (keeping the smaller one), buying our condo and trying to save money has made it even harder.

This helped out a lot...
It is a king size sheet, in a beautiful yellow and white vintage pattern for 99 cents! Hello pretty curtains, nice to meet you.

I need another fabric to compliment and to give me enough total fabric to dress both windows. I am thinking on a color - but as a fall back I can always use something white.

The room has been painted and I love, love the color. There is a vintage piece that needs some sprucing and the curtains to finish. By the end of the month, I promised I would have her room complete.

I better get busy.

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