... seem to come when you need them most.

On a day when we were feeling Mr. Virus's ill effects...

packages arrived.

First, Eva received a package from her penpal Teagan...
Teagan's mommy, of Teagan's Tales, had the great idea to be pen pals and we were really excited.

We had been getting to know Teagan through being blog buddies, but pen pals are even better.

 Eva inspected every item in the box.

She loves books and was really excited to get her very first Christmas book!

There was also a  pumpkin sleeper, a bedtime book, a hockey flag from Teagan first hockey game, and a CD of Teagan's favorite tunes!

One little treasure was injured in the delivery... my mailman tossing the box onto our porch from the walk didn't help.  I am doing some repair work and crossing my fingers.

There was also a little something special for me in there... I immediately put it out of reach of ten curious fingers and will be showing it off later.

Thanks Teagan! (and Teagan's mommy)


Heidi said...

Yay for unexpected packages! Hope you both are starting to feel better; take care!

Rici said...

I'm so excited you got your package!! I will let Teagan know first thing in the morning!!!