Nothing says Thanksgiving more than palm trees juxtaposed with holiday decor... right?
 Yes, it was 75º and sunny... and I loved it.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year.

So much has changed and so many good things have happened.

I am thankful for...

· Eva is growing and thriving
· our home
· loving and healthy family
· warm brownies
· pats to the face from tiny hands
· a gym with childcare - as soon as Eva is over her cold
· washer and dryer... without quarters
· produce delivered to your door
· a dad who can do a brake job
· thrift store finds
· baby steps
· canning as a hobby
· first family vacation
· baby thigh rolls
· my new full time job
· a sewing hobby - soon to get its day
· brown craft paper waiting to wrap presents
· new family traditions
· family portraits
· comfy shoes
· turkey, pie, stuffing... pumpkin pie.

Hope your holiday is great!

 and for those outside the US... have a great weekend.

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