Get better fast...

Eva's grammy is in the hospital.  (My mommy.)
She had a cold that has made its way into her lungs. 
It caused her asthma to flare up and she was not breathing well.  

She is a pretty stubborn, headstrong lady and she hates to be sick, hates to be told what to do and hates to call in.  So when she decided to not go to work because she felt so bad, we knew she was super sick. She made a doctor appointment.  The doctor sent her on to the hospital.  

She was pretty upset... I am a little relieved.  

They will make her take her medicine and rest.  
She hates to "lay around all day".
Now at least I know she will not be able to keep wearing herself out.

Her heart is fine.  That is the good news I just received.

When I was just newly pregnant,  2 years ago in June, she had a heart attack.  
It was bad, really bad...
as in we break all the rules and let everyone come back in the ER to be with her at one time bad.

She had "just a cold" then too.
So, whenever she coughs or sneezes, we all worry a little.
This is just a cold... a really bad knock you flat on your back cold...
but still just a cold.
Her ticker is doing fine.
So mine is too, now.
I have been worrying all day.

Get well grammy.  Listen to the doctors... or else.

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Nikki said...

I'm praying for your Grammy. Let me know if I can help out in any way.