New Toys

Eva has the best penpal.  She sent her some lovely bath toys for Christmas.

Before these arrived in the mail her bath toys were a bucket of odds and ends.

By odds and ends, I really mean...
 a bucket of random things that I grabbed in hurry one night.

Toys that could survive a drowning and random plastic cups...
and some things that I rescued from the recycle bin.

We were so glad to see some official bath toys arrive!

They are just too cute...

and they squirt. 

Eva loved them.

This is the "I can splash mom" face.

Thanks so much Treagan for the bath time upgrade.


Mommy's Sippy Cup said...

She has the most beautiful eyes, ever!! Bath time is always fun at our house. But I can not get Davis to play with toys. It's so funny. He just knocks the shampoo bottles in the water and then giggles. Oh, the little things!!

Those toys are too cute!

Anonymous said...

How did Eva get a penpal? I'm looking to do something like this for my tot. :)

you can email me: victoria.swingler@gmail.com

or comment at the blog:

Nikki said...

Harper loves her bath toys, although her favorite is just the cup we use to pour water on her...she likes to bang on it and splash the water.

We need to get together again soon.

Rici said...

So glad Eva liked her toys! I was just sitting down to blog about Teagan's box of goodies when I decided to check your page for updates! haha! Small world!