Oh Christmas Tree...

We went to pick out our Christmas tree.

It was getting really cold so I put Eva in a ton of layers and topped it with her snowsuit.

The icy wind and shaking hands made it hard to get a good picture...

Isn't it nice, full and fluffy?

I am standing in the tree...

It helped block the wind.

It was freezing...

it was late and we hurried.

It looked so pretty and full.  Tons of branches for holding ornaments and ribbons.

We should have known.  

When it was loaded on top of our car, the branches spilled down over the sides covering the back seat windows.

It took up our entire living room.  

You couldn't sit on half of our couch.  It touched the ceiling.  It was eight feet tall and maybe that wide.

Eva was afraid of it.

It was Monster.  It could eat you.

It made her cry.

What is a mama to do?

That saw was found in the dark corner of the basement when we moved in...

it was old, and rusty and it was not sharp.

It barely scratched the bark.

We have very few tools and none that even come close to the tree chopping category.

Thank you bread knife.  You saved the day.

What does the tip-top of a really huge tree look like?

Not really as close to a smaller tree as you would think...

less slim and elegant...

more Danny Divito.

It made Eva smile when she finished napping and saw its makeover.

We like it.

P.S. Santa... I need a new one of these under said tree please...
Bread knives aren't meant for tree chopping apparently.


Carri said...

Great story of your first Christmas Tree- I can just picture her reaction!

Lindsay said...

Poor bread knife, but great story! Great memories to tell her about her fitst Chrismas!!!

Rici said...

We love it!

Rici & Teagan

Gretchen O. said...

Now that is a Christmas story:) I love your tree, and that little one is just precious!

Ashley said...

thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! :)

I am now following yours :)

your xmas tree situation sounds like one I'd find myself in... :)