Guess what...

Eva is getting this for Christmas... shhhh!
Michael and I are really excited for the xylophone and kazoo.

She is only getting a few other things... books and some alphabet blocks.
We want to keep the focus of the holidays on other things - not presents for Eva.
We are starting it early.
It was a little tough not to keep picking out things for her - but I managed.

All the other little ones in our lives are marked off the shopping list too!  
Each of our nieces and nephews are getting books this year.
We love books.

The last little person gift, Eva will be picking out to give to charity.
It is a tradition that I remember and that we wanted Eva to start too.

Oh, and the tree is decorated!


Heidi said...

Nessa, you seriously rock!

Meredith said...

Books are awesome gifts. I still have a ton of books from when I was a kid, and I know exactly which relative game me each one!