Niceness in a box

This is a box full of kindness.
It is a huge box of little monster sized clothes...
some for now and some for a little later.

Since our monster is a small fry, there are a lot of clothes in that box.
Since our monster grows every time I turn around...
a box full of clothes to replace all the ones she is too big for is amazing.
For our little family on a budget, it is sublime.

A blogger friend of mine sent them to us.
She has three beautiful girls of her own and takes amazing pictures of them.
I think of her as the "wise one."  
She has lived through everything I am living through three times over.
I wished she lived down the street.
She inspires me, makes me laugh and get me all choked up too...
and makes me crave a donut for two days.

I am lucky to have met her in this blogging world... 
and very thankful.

Thank you Heidi.


CarrieJo said...

I am glad you came to visit! I love your blog setup! Yes...I can't get enough Brett Dennen...it seems like I always try to put different music on my blog and it always comes back to him...ahh so good!

Have a great weekend!

*I am your newest follower! :)

Jennifer said...

this is so sweet, how great that you found such a great friend!

Heidi said...

Oh Nessa, this just made my day. I am SO glad to have passed along the bounty to Eva. And to you too, dear friend.

Anonymous said...

You don't look like you need charity. Someone else needed those more than you. I am glad you think exploiting your daughter gets you handouts. Go you!

Rici said...

I love how people who leave mean comments never have the nerve to leave their real name. And honestly, who are they to judge whether or not you need something? I love your blog Nessa and although I'm glad you turned the mean comment around I'm sorry you had to have your first mean comment. Even though there will probably be more (because Heaven forbid you put pictures of your sweet girl on the internet) know that there are more people that read your blog because we like it and love you girls then there are people that are just mean.

Rici & Teagan