The year Michael and I were married, he gave me a gift certificate.
To Build-a-Bear. 
I was so exited.

At the store, I debated on the perfect bear.
I couldn't decide... until I saw the cheetah.
He was spotted and perfect.
I named him Chester.
(after my favorite flaming hot snack food)

I stood in line with all the other anxious 5 year olds.
I was really excited to stuff my new friend.
Michael lovingly waited with me... maybe only a little less excited.
We both kissed and patted the little red heart that was tucked inside and before they sewed him up.

Chester slept in our bed for years...
and I am admitting on nights when I was alone
and watched CSI
and the sounds of the new apartment were loudest...
I squeezed him tight.

Guess who loves Chester more than me....

Title: My purrfect Valentine.
Photography love...


She choose him one day and hasn't let go since.

They play together...

and every night she hugs him tight...

He is her lovey now...
and I couldn't be happier to pass him along.


Shannon said...

Wow, what a sweet shot! My daughter loves snuggling and giving smooches to her Elmo stuffed toy! Melts my heart!

Thanks so much for linking up with us and joining in the fun!

Good luck and so good to "meet" you!



Carole Denise said...

I don't know if this baby can me more adorable...absolutely adorable.

Heidi said...

This is the best. I want to squeeze her.

Tara said...

So adorable! Love it. Thanks for linking up.

deb duty said...

What a sweet story and photos!

JunieRose2005 said...

What a sweet post and pictures! :) I enjoyed reading this!