I like coffee

and I like it black.

So I have not a need in this world for a creamer or sugar bowl...

I was thrifting and I saw them.
The made me smile.
So they had to come home.

Practicality's cause was not helped by the fact that they were sitting beside that little green bowl.

A little green bowl who had a matching sister bowl at home...
she was pink and all alone.

So I grabbed all three before I could change my mind.

and tried to take a decent photo...

but someone else really like the bowls too.

I tried twice, and then gave up.

She is a little thrifter-in-training...

First lesson, knowing what you like and not putting it down.

Good job Eva.


Heidi said...

Nessa, you are hardcore. Black coffee, yowza. I am a coffee wimp and need plenty o' cream and a bit of sugar.

But seriously, how fabulous are teeny hands on pretty things?

Nikki said...

The next time Harper and I come for a visit, you can put those to use because I can't handle my coffe at full toxicity.