For the last 2 weeks we have a clingy monster.
Today was the worst.

Every other tip to the gym these last few weeks
has ended in me stopping 15 minutes into my workout
to pick up a sobbing Eva from the gym nursery.

Today it was during my "adult time" meeting/book study.
The volunteer grammy-type ladies had been amazing thus far.

I could hear her crying from the stairway.

By noon she was exhausted.
She wouldn't nap.
I was getting really frustrated.

I went and rocked her... 
talking myself down from that dark mommy spot.

She fell asleep... and I stayed in my chair rocking.
Loving how she felt.

I knew I needed to go downstairs and get some things done...
but I decided to stay.

After about 20 minutes, she kept stirring...
just to let her get better rest...
I put her in her crib.

I  snuck back to take this photo...
she was snoring.

Was being the important word.
She is awake now.

I am not frustrated...
but I still need to get some things done.

Like reviewing the taxes and hitting file...
I swear I was going to do them as soon as this post was finished.
(That was to my husband who just texted me about them.)

the long road


Sara said...

Clingy monsters must be going around right now! My 20 month old son has been the same way! Such a cute moment to capture.

Lui said...

The full moon effect. Even the animals and my special student in art acted 'different' all week. Things will settle down and anything that needed to be finished will be done this week. Trust me.

Have a great week.

rachel said...

oh, so sweet. I would love to get a photo of charlie sleeping, but I'm always too afraid I'd wake him up with the camera!

Anonymous said...

Sweet photo. Hope she is a little less clingy now.