New Seat

I never thought I would see the day where my monster would sit still for more than a few seconds.

Thanks Poppy - I love my new chair.

And do you notice the drool ring??
She can't keep it in.
We have been breaking out the baby bibs just to keep her shirts dry.

and then, she {snapped}

*edited in iphoto to remove a stain on the knee
then in picnik: orton-ish - 40%
1960's - 100% faded - just to round the corners   


Lindsay said...

what a cute chair (and a cute girl of course!)

Anonymous said...

So sweet.

rachel said...

she looks so proud sitting in her big (little) chair! so cute...and she must be getting some more teeth with all the drooling!

Valary said...

Oh my what sweet baby girl and where did you get that chair? We so need a baby chair at our house.

Fresh Mommy said...

So cute! Love the chair, and what a big girl! The sitting, the new teeth, oh my! :)


Amy said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! LOVE that pic of Eva!