Spring hasn't sprung...

It is rainy, chilly and dreary here.
The forecast has alluded to the possibility of a chance of snow flurries.

That weatherman is so exact.

Oh, but Spring is close.
We can smell it.

Yesterday, we went to the park.
We slid, we swung, we ran and laughed.

It was the only part of the day where the monster wasn't grumpy.

I am not sure what was wrong... but she grumbled.
From the moment she woke up.

She sounded like an angry, growling, old man.
Grump grump, huff grump.

She is having a hard time with strangers.
Or new places.
Or being alone in a room.
Or not being able to see me.
Or not being able to smell me.

At the gym, I get paged about 8 minutes into a workout.
They give them 10 minutes of being upset before they get the parent.

It takes me 2 minutes to put our things in a locker and get on the equipment.
Do they have 8 minute cardio?

Last night, she wanted to sit on me while she played.
I couldn't hold her.
I couldn't touch her.
I could only be her stool.

We are shopping for a jogging stroller.
I might have to become a runner after all.

the long road


Jules said...

Sweet Eva. She's just looking for her boundries. It teaches us patience though doesn't it?

Tara said...

Such a cute shot...they are always testing thier boundries!

Sara said...

I could have written this post! My toddler is testing my patience daily! And will spring get here already??

Meredith said...

Oh yes, this is so my life right now. I can't tell you when the last time Lizzy made it through a Mom's Group/Bible Study without them coming to get me. And then once I go get her, she does NOT want to sit with me. It's a hard stage!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl~

I shopped for a jogging stroller for about a year. Ha! Ended up selecting the ONLY one that target sells. It's 99 bucks, but has worked great for the last few weeks. :)