Twice as Nice

It was date night.
Just us this time. 

We dressed up.
I love that... dressing up.
It had been a long time since I had wore heels.
It was wobbly at first.

We went to a show.  
Les Miserables... and it was fabulous.  

We went to dinner.
A new spot - we liked it.
It was a step back to a different era.
There was a piano player.
The bartender wore a bow tie.

We ate way too much.
So we shared dessert... creme brulee.
Michael never eats the sugar crust... and I was too full to help.
I like sharing dessert.
Two spoons are nice.

Dates are different now...
We went to the afternoon show.
I found a paci in my pocket instead of lipgloss.
We went to dinner at 5:30.
We were home in time to tuck the monster in bed...
that was twice as nice.


Heidi said...

It is different now, huh? You really see that it is the person, not the place or the food or the show, that you have been craving. Just a bit of time together.

I reached into my purse on my date with Jay, looking for my phone, and pulled out a thick wood puzzle piece in the shape of a firetruck. Reception was surprisingly good...

Tara said...

I love this, so well written and so on point. I love how can see what you are writing so vividly.

Nikki said...

I saw Les Mis...it was really good. I have been wanting to try The Clarmont. Maybe I'll take Joe for his 30th.

Lori said...

Sounds like perfection! I went to a baby shower alone a couple of weeks ago and when I reached into my purse to pull out my keys I pulled out a Lego Woody. "You know you're a mom when..."

pve design said...

Dressed up - now that sounds nice. Good to get out and to share time and be home in time to do the tucking in.

Carol said...

Wonderful how life changes and somehow the changes bring even greater joy and blessings. Sound like you had a splendid time.

Erin said...

Love this! Love a good date. Time together just keeps getting better!