mommy and eva and allie

It is fabulous outside.
70° and sunny... not a cloud in the sky.

I am only posting today because Eva is napping.
I am sitting on the front porch... waiting on her to wake up.
My feet are bare and soaking in the sunshine.

On Thursdays, there is no little man at our house.
Michael is overnight at the hospital.
Just monster and a mommy today.

We went to the zoo this morning.
As soon as she wakes up we are heading to the park.
Dinner is packed and ready to be a picnic.

The above picture is me and Miss Allie tickling the monster.
We are heading there this weekend for Miss Allie's 1st Birthday Party!
Allie's mommy took this picture... thanks Kellie.


Amber said...

such a fun picture!

Heidi said...

Look at that little laughing face! Have such a good evening Mama and Monster!

Jami said...

This picture just plain makes me happy! I love it!