Lights out

I thought it was going to be easy.

I read the directions...
bought high quality seeds.

Why doesn't everyone do this??

I felt kind of puffed with pride when I looked at them.
I liked telling people I was starting plants from seed.

They looked impressed.
My gardening ego glowed. 

I should have done a little more reading.
searched google earlier.

Instead I searched after...
and learned what a "legging" seedlings look like.

Wanna see?


This is what happens when the seedling don't get enough light.
It happens a lot when people plant their seed and forget.

I wish I could say that is what happened...
Nope, I checked on them everyday.


Checked their water...
made sure the cover was on...
kept them out of the sun light.

Yep - no sun for these little guys.
You see, I was waiting on the first leaves...

not the part of the seed that was left attached to the plant...
but real leaves.

That is what I read...
(on the back of the starter kit - maybe not the best source)
"when you see the first leaves emerge on your seedlings, move to a sunny location..."

Guess what?
These little seed parts were their first leaves...
probably the only leaves they will ever have now.

My poor baby plants.
My poor ego.


They are now in a really sunny location...
and I am hoping I can save them.

My ego is too far gone.


Meredith said...

This is probably not the "legit" way to do things, but I've had some success in the past if I replant them in bigger containers with most of the "leg" underground. I figured it was similar to when I let the seeds sprout in a paper towel and then re-plant. Good luck!

Fresh Mommy said...

Awwww, poor baby plants. I wish I had a green thumb and could give some advice... but my seedlings would probably look about like that! We had a good success with our garden last year, but planted it from plants brought home, or seeds we could just throw in the ground. I need easy in my life. Haha.

Good luck!


Carri said...

I'm on round 3 of trying to grow seedlings...I give em 2 weeks, then toss em and start new ones. I've managed to get 6 to what I think is a good place. We shall see what happens when they land outside

Heidi said...

Nessa, you are impressive nonetheless; these actually look fine to me, which shows how much I know about gardening. I just bought a bunch of strawberry plants through a fundraiser at Ava's school and I'm kinda terrified.