Moments: Our Week

Eva Outline

  • I have spit-up on my shirt.
  • They babies both took a nap together today.
  • Packing a "picnic" dinner to have with Michael tonight at the hospital.
  • Green carpet in the cafeteria is kinda like grass.
  • Sunday will be his 3rd night sleeping at the hospital this week.
  • Looking forward to a birthday party and cake next weekend.
  • And a weekend with Michael off.
  • Playing outside and not wearing a hat.
  • Reading another cookbook - The America's Test Kitchen Cookbook - it's a good one.
  • Spring cleaning checklist is half done - so long as I quit adding things.
  • I love being busy.

I caught the monster running to me 
with the sun completely behind her and setting.
I love how her edges glow... 
peoples edges should always glow.
It would be fun.


Pieni Lintu said...


kristance ann said...

what a wonderful idea to do a picnic dinner with your hubby! i am also sporting spit up on my shirt. i love reading cookbooks too! have you read "the pioneer woman cooks:recipes of an accidental coutry girl"? it's my favorite!

Erin said...

I love reading cookbooks, too! The short, pre-recipe blurbs are good for my attention span.
lol on the glowing people!

Kelly said...

That picture is awesome! Have fun at your picnic =)