Every time I plant a seed, 
he say, kill it before it grow, 
he say, kill it before they grow.
Bob Marley - I Shot the Sheriff


I picked my seeds up at Annie's Heirloom Seeds.
I have no reference for them, just google landed me there.

The basil has sprouted.
I planted 50 seeds of heirloom tomatoes last week and no action yet.
Next week the peppers and squash get there turn in the soil.

I am dreaming of fresh tomatoes.

I haven't killed them yet...

Joining Sunday Citar at Fresh Mommy.


Grace said...

We buy heirloom seeds too and my husband is quite the gardener.
I'm looking forward to seeing your beautiful plants that you grow and full faith that you will not kill them :)

Brittany Cox said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog -- and I like YOURS, too! Love this post, and the ones before it. You're an excellent writer!

I've been aching to start an herb garden, but we get sun here in Portland like -3 days out of the year.

Happy Gardening!

Carri said...

I'm dreaming too! Can't wait to get to working in the garden

Life with Kaishon said...

How delicious. I love fresh tomatoes! Love your picture of the plants- it is just wonderful!