A hike

Saturday, we went for a hike.

eva and daddy

Saw a waterfall.

eva and mom

The monster loved all the water.

hike: looking

She would have dove right in and gone for a swim.
Us parent types wouldn't let her.
We promise, as soon as it is warm.

hike: touching river

We hiked for a while...
and longer than a while.
We went pretty far...

long path
Spring Entry: Papermama

maybe too far.
We shouldn't have let the monster lead the way.
Bad plan.

hike: eva

Or  take daddy's shortcut.
Because we ended up a little lost.
And had to venture into the freezing water.

hike: eva and mommy

I started loosing feeling in my feet.
I was afraid I was going to drop the monster...
she was really hoping I would.

hike: texture
love them in the background....

We took our time...
and looked at trees.

hike and tree

We found our way.
It was a lovely day.


Mandi said...

What a perfect weekend! (except for the not feeling your feet part) ;p

pve design said...

The last shot is priceless.
What a fun day for each of you to be out in nature.

Cari said...

Looked like a relaxing day. Great pics, your "little monster" is cute as can be.

Thanks for stopping by my blog this weekend:)

Kristin said...

what beautiful shots! and what a beautiful place to hike! looks like so much fun!

Kala said...

Looks like a wonderful hike.

Happy Macro Monday!

Valary said...

That hike looked beautiful. So lush and green. We can't hike in flip flops here; we have way too many mean plants with thorns. Monster looks like she had a great time.

katie said...

Wow, looks like a great place to take a hike. All the colors are so beautiful in your pics. I love family days like that!

Nikki said...

What a great way to spend the weekend.

Lori said...

Whoa these pictures are beautiful! Makes me want to go on a hike!

Melanie said...

Your lil monster is sure something! Just looks like one of those perfetc days. Yep. A lovely day for sure!

Hanna said...

That is such a beautiful place!!! Looks like it was a wonderful day!

Charlotte | Life's a Charm! said...

It seems like a great adventure! And that last photo - what a great family photo! And the rock and nature background is so wonderful!