Impressions of me

Today, I was searching You Tube for "wet hair tutorials"...

BC (Before Child), I showered every morning, blow dry, 
flat iron and sometimes a curling iron or two.

Yep, you read that right... two curling irons.
You see I would blow my naturally wavy hair staight
and then add curls in.
The two curling irons made more "natural look".

Throw in some pomade, root lift, setting spray...
I was a product junky and a stylists dream.

Back to today... AC (after child)
As I am rapidly rinsing shampoo out of my hair, squinting as it rolls into my eyes, 
trying to decide if my monster's screams mean I have time for a conditioner...
Nope... not a chance.

This scene takes me right to the You Tube search.

I found a pretty good one...
but it involved quite a bit of braiding.
Braiding is a toughie for me while looking in the mirror.

SO I did this....

wet hair

It started as a pony tail.
Then I did 6-7 little buns and pinned them around the pony tail.

Kinda like this 3 bun version that I found through the Paper mama...
which I have been sporting a lot these last few weeks.

I thought my higher version was pretty cute...
and decided to share.

As I was typing this post.
My husband calls.

He thanks me for all the stuff I do...
taking care of him and the monster.
Then tells me I need to make a hair appointment...
or he is doing it for me.

Granted, it has been a while...
last June was my last hair cut.

Almost a year... I know, I know.
You are all like SERIOUSLY.
But, let me explain some.

I hate trying new places.
I hate the weird first haircut.
We are talking about me here...
a woman that BC was getting her hair cut every 6-7 weeks.

I knew my hair stylist.
I knew her dating life...
she knew me.

Since we moved... I have tried tons of places.
I have hated them all.
It is disappointing to lay out cash for something that you are just OK with.

I know it has been too long.
I know that it is getting scraggly...
ala... the You Tube search.

But I do think these Many Little Buns are cute.
Even if my husband is pushing me to get a new look.

It has been too long.
I am making an appointment.


Kristin said...

wow! so cool!!

Erin said...

Nessa, those buns are rad. I love the look on you!
I know the pain of searching for the right stylist. It is hard for a man to understand. When my long time stylist quit cutting, I was upset. Very. But, I asked her who she recommended for me & went with that. A gal at the same salon. My husband thought that was the perfect time to find a gal closer to home. I tried. I did. But, I was unhappy. He said I should try again. I tried to explain the trauma. Of opening up to all these different stylists, without the intent to stay. It's like whoring out your hair, or something.

Heidi said...

Nessa, that is AWESOME.

Cari said...

That is so cool! I must admit, I'm due for a cut as well. I have a great stylist and even a gift card, it's finding the time. But if I don't go soon I'm afraid my hair will go up in flames from the flat iron.

Lindsay said...

You've inspired me to find more "wet hair" dos :-)!!! I need a cut too... but I need a stylist I like too... bleh

Charlotte | Life's a Charm! said...

That wet hairdo looks really great! It looks like you have been doing it for a long time and NOT just learned from a tutorial. Maybe you don't need that appointment if you can make hairdos like this one!

I have been sporting my long straight hair for 15 years now. Except for the occasional trimming of the tips, I am so chicken to try anything new. But then I really like my long straight black hair. It's one of my top 3 vanities I can't get over.

Kelly said...

Ugh...I hate the search for a new salon. When we lived in California I would wait until I was home visiting my parents to get my hair done. I haven't had a hair cut since Carter was 2 months old...guess it's time!

Nikki said...

I have rocked the multi-mini buns many times. It's a good wuick do for work. Dressy, but doesn't take an hour.