For Her

Oh, Daddy
You soothe me with your smile,
You're letting me know,
You're the best thing in my life.
Fleetwood Mac


If Eva could tell you Happy Father's Day...
I know she would say a lot more.

She would tell you how much she loves you.
How her world is so much brighter because of you.

You can make her laugh in a millisecond.
Sometimes she laughs even before you do anything...
because she knows that something great it about to happen.

Holding her up to touch the ceiling or a tree...
letting her know that nothing is too high to reach for...
because you will help her get there.

Standing firm on a time-out...
and then scooping her up in a hug as soon as that minute is up.
Teaching her right from wrong and unconditional love.

Waiting to eat in the mornings until she wakes up.
Her breakfast always tastes better when she shares it with you.

She will tell you how much all these things mean to her.
She would tell you that each one is molding her...
making her who she will become.

One day, after all this growing up is through.
I am sure she will tell you all these things...
and thank you for them.

And then she will thank you for the thousands more...
that are laid out in our future.

Until she can tell you herself...
I will tell you for her.
(Because that's what mommies do)

Thank you Daddy for being the best daddy in the whole world.
Love Eva Monster

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kristance ann said...

not gonna lie, i cried a little. that was beautiful.

Melanie said...

Awwww... Nessa! There ya go again w your pretty words. This is BEAUTIFUL!

Happy Faher's Day to monster's Daddy!

Melanie said...

Darn it!!! I did mean Father! I really need to proof read) Lol.

Adrienne said...

This really is sweet ~ aren't daddies great for laughs and giggles. Spent last night with our 24 and 21 year old...dad still making them laugh! And I love the notion of lifting them high to touch something as an analogy for all he'll help her reach for through life. So well written!!

Wendy said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Mandi said...

this is so beautiful <3 That picture is fantastic!

Jen said...

Beautiful - and great photos!