Something or Nothing

IMG_2080 - BW

I am not sure what is wrong...
or if anything at all.

You have had "one of those" days. 
You slept late...
as in we had to wake you up at 8:30 late.

You weren't a happy monster this morning.
All frowns and teetering on tears.

We headed to the park to play.
If anything could make you laugh...
slides and swings are the ticket.

Not today...
today you were sad.
Not smiling at all.

You yawned and fussed.
Then you fell...
and fell again...
and again.

You scraped your shin, your knees, hands, cheek and ear.
Not to mention the scrape above your eyebrow...
that I am sure is swelling into a nice knot.

So, we gave up and left the park.
You cried most the way home.

We sat on the couch and watched Sesame Street.
Cuddled up deep in my arms and sitting so very still.
Not a normal monster at all.

I put you to bed and you were hysterical.
So I got you up and we rocked...
and rocked...
and rocked.

The hiccups from your cries went away.
Then you slowly fell asleep.
You didn't even open your eyes a fraction when I laid you down.

I hope you sleep this off little one.
What ever this something or nothing is today.


Carol said...

So sad. Days like this are hard. You just want to make it better but you don't know how. I hope a good night's rest did the trick.

**stealing your button today :)

Caroline (Frogmum) said...

Beautiful picture ~ but it sounds like she could have something like an ear infection (off balance, crying when you lie her down, holding very still ~ I almost remember how that felt as a child!) ~ just a thought!
Hope she is better VERY soon.

Miggy said...

Oh, this is beautiful. We all have one of those exhausting days. But you sound so calm, patient, and loving. I will have to learn from you...

misc.alaina said...

So sorry for you both! Hoping for a better day tomorrow!!

Heidi said...

I love this post so much. Sweet, tender mama and monster.