Monster Version 1.6

Happy Half Birthday!

We have kept you alive and free from broken bones!
There hasn't even been a trip to the ER for you monster!
(Knocking on the wooden side table with both hands.)


This summer...
the swings do not go high enough.
You want to go higher and higher...
signing more, more.

And you climb.
Stairs, ladders, slides, rock walls.
Faster and higher than mommy can run or reach.

At home...
counters, tables and the back of the couch are your new favorites.
The bathroom sink is a new climbing destination.


You are finally talking.
It is the best thing in the world to hear your voice.

Consistently you will say without prompts:
 What's that? Mooo, Mommy, Daddy, Meow, Kitty, Nana.
Done, more, Mmm Good, Banana, Yes, No No.
Toes, Nose, eyes, please, thank you.

Granted many of these are your versions... 
Toss, Noss, eyeee, pess, tank oou.


You try to repeat anything we say.
Most of the time you start out saying the word so quiet no one could hear you...
or even just mouthing the words with no sound.

I think it is you practicing again.
Staying quiet until you think it is right...
because then out of the blue you will bust out with the word as clear as day.


You love when we sing to you.
On long car rides, it is the only thing that keeps us sane...
our singing will stop you from screaming.

You favorites are:
Itsy Bitsy Spider
12 Lady Bugs
Let's Take a Ride
ABC Song
Open Shut Them
Where is Thumpkin?


We love when you sing on your own.

In the middle of playing you will just start in...
La La bla La bla bla La La.
Happily swaying to the song.

Thank you monster...
for not jumping down the fire pole before... 
I could crawl under the slide, over a child and back under the suspension bridge...
and catch you. 


But most of all...
Thank you for being the most amazing thing we have ever done.

Love us.

and then, she {snapped}


Heidi said...

These photos kill me Nessa. Beautiful.

Olivia Grace said...

These photos are amazing, she is so precious!

Cari said...

We have kept you alive and free from broken bones!

Love it, love it, love it. And some days, that's all you can do.
Such a precious age, they are just blossoming.

My kids still love Skinnamarink:)

Adrienne said...

Spectacular photos! And a description of your treasure that you will be so glad to have as the years pass...Love it! I had a climber too ~ and he's made it to 21with no broken bones!

rachel said...

love these! your little monster sitting ON the table to color, is just perfect! happy half birthday from charlie!

em said...

what a doll he is adorable!

Melissa said...

Happy half birthday to your little one!

Kelly said...

Happy Half Birthday sweet girl! So glad Carter and I can be following along from a far ;)

Our family said...

Oh so cute!!! Happy half birthday!

from mel said...

gets me every time. she is so precious! jack just started repeating what we say and using new words. isn't it magical?

happy half birthday!

Carol said...

Beautiful! Happy Half birthday Monster!