Both Legs

This was while I was getting lunch ready.

So I kicked my husband and daughter out...
just for a walk while I had some alone time.

Michael was looking forward to a family walk, 
but I just didn't have it in me.

He was kinda waiting around, feet dragging...
hoping I would change my mind.

He says, "Oh well if you hurry - we will wait on you."
I lost it a little bit at this point...
and I yelled.

"Go, go!  I am going to shower.  
I am going to take my time.
I am going to shave both legs!"

I felt bad... sorry for the yelling.
I felt guilty for choosing a shower over a walk with my family.

This verse came to mind...

The wise woman builds her house, 
but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down. 
Proverbs 14:1

Mother's would all agree that building up her family is so important.
But we sometimes forget that...
we are part of that house.

We should be building and lifting our family up.
But sometimes we forget that being nice to ourselves is just as important.

I shaved carefully.  
I even used shaving cream.
I lotioned... twice.

Sometimes we need to shower alone...
only worry about ourselves for just a few minutes.

Sometimes, we need to shave both legs.


Dirt On The Rocks said...

Sometimes in life we can get easily frustrated because we just need our time as well.

It's definitely not being selfish. You take care of your family and sometimes as mothers we just need to do something for ourselves even if that means just a simple shower.

Melanie said...

Amen Mama! I could have written this myself, but not as lovely as you ofcourse. (lol) It's a rare moment that I take a shower alone, and not in a huge hurry. Shaving is dangerous when in a hurry. My poor legs can attest to that! Goodstuff Nessa.

Also Jax Loves to ink up his legs too. Kids are great!

Adrienne said...

...love the Lord your God....and love your neighbors {family, friends, etc.} as you love YOURSELF. to this day i don't know why this self care is so very challenging ~ cause i do think you've got it right here. Peaceful reflection time, double lotioning...whatever we do to nurture ourselves absolutely provides us with the strength to continue to build!

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness. This was us last week. I made Linc bring me ice cream for dinner and sent the boys to the playground so I could eat in PEACE! Forty five minutes later I was a whole new mommy and couldn't wait to see them again. Sometimes we really do just need some "me" time!

Heidi said...

Absence so totally makes the heart grow fonder. It just does.

katie said...


My name is Ali... said...

Found you through Call Me Blessed and Girl!!!, this post is AWESOME!! Yes, sometimes we just have to take the time to shave both legs!! So poignant and true!! :)


Carol said...

Ah, exactly, my sweet friend. Why do we feel so guilty when we need a little time for ourselves. I'm glad you embraced it, and your a better momma for it!

Hoots Momma said...

Love your blog... how did you like Gurnsey and potato peel society. I loved it. Such a swee story. Made me want to be a book dealer in a quaint NYC store front and really want to visit England.

renee said...

i think we get frustrated and yell in those situations because it's not only that rarely get alone time but also that in just about every task we attempt to do, we get interrupted many times during the process - i was doing the dishes yesterday morning and I think it took me 1/2 hour including the times I had to leave the sink and attend to something else. So glad you ended up getting that time.

Jami said...

Oh girl! I'm so glad you got that shower, and you lotioned twice?! I love it. We do need to remember to take care of ourselves. Thanks for linking up ;)xoxo