Crazy Love


Our living room is also Eva's playroom.
(My husband is going to kill me.)
Sorry Michael

I clean it and I clean it...
but inevitably, this is what happens when I am trying to accomplish something else.
You know, make dinner, bathroom breaks, make a phone call, laundry, dishes.

The monster is a fast monster.
She can rearrange a room in record time.

This day I let her destroy play in the living room
while I got ready to leave and run errands all morning.

We came home and as I made lunch,
she continued her destruction adventures.

During lunch she decided
 to toss her entire bowl of pasta on the floor since the dinning room was clean
she wasn't at all hungry.

 I put her down for a nap...
and spent most of her nap cleaning up from the morning.

She awakes, we repeat for dinner.

I love it.
I really, really do.
(Even though it might make me certifiable.)

and then, she {snapped}    lollipops


rachel said...

thanks for sharing that you are normal. also, love your couch!

Kelly said...

Ah- glad to know my living room isn't the only one that looks like that! Most days I don't even pick up until C goes to bed :)

hannah singer said...

yay! i love it, too!! our living rooms look the same:)
hooray for kiddos-and their mess!

Christina Klas said...

HAha. You know what my thought was when I saw this? "I'm in trouble... that looks like my living room and I don't have any kids.".... Yikes. ;)

Heidi said...

Michael will adjust; nothing phases Jay anymore as far as the ol' blog is concerned. ;)

Sandra Kohlmann said...

My days are the same. I have stopped picking up toys and books during the day. I clean up the floor after meal times, do dishes and do actual cleaning (the bathroom, vacuuming, dusting, etc) during the day. At the end of the day, I try to get my girls to pick up as many toys as I can. Then I do the rest of the picking up after they have gone to sleep for the night.

Cari said...

Some days, just gotta let it go. I used to clean up the stinkin' plastic food from the play kitchen 30xs a day. Finally, enough was enough; I either had to figure something out or break open the whiskey. So, I just dealt with the mess, and before bed we spent an hour cleaning up toys after bathtime. It kept me sane, sort of:)

Anonymous said...

Our house always looked like this (actually a lot worse!) when my girls were younger. They still have a special talent for making messes. Glad you are relaxed and having fun!

Scott said...

Our living room is where our kids play most of the time too. It looks like this most of the time. :)

They are getting better at picking up though although usually with a lot of encouragement.

Carol said...

It looks to me like girlfriend knows how to have a good time. When I am picking up 200 balls from the ballpit which has been dumped over for the 3rd time, I remind myself that these days are numbered (and then I drink wine).

Amy said...

so good to know that i am definitely not alone in cleaning and recleaning the living room "adventures" in my own home. :)