Every moment of light and dark is a miracle. 
Walt Whitman 


My grandma used to say...
"The brightest sun casts the darkest shadows."

She always had something to say.
Her head was a warehouse of one or two liners.

Like a Hallmark card...
Grandma had a phrase for every occasion.

I never understood most of them when I was younger.
Looking back, I still don't...

 On the other hand, you have different fingers.
What? Of course I do.

But anytime I hear one of her stand-by phrases...
I chuckle and think of her.

Or when I hear Sit up straight.
She was aso professor posture.

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Heidi said...

Such a beautiful portrait. Timeless.

Melanie said...

Nessa this brought a happy tear to my eyes. My glorious Grandma had all those wonderful sayings. I wish I'd written them all down.

I love this shot of monster!

Everyday Brittney said...

I love this picture!

hannah singer said...

beautiful photo! and those words are incredible. thanks for sharing! xo

Carol said...

Love this photo and the fact that Grandma lives on!