Yesterday I sweated away in a new friends kitchen.
We canned pickles, green beans, salsa and tomatoes.

50 pounds of tomatoes to be exact...
not including the 15 pounds that went into our salsa.

You know who was the biggest trooper?
My monster.

She played and sang with her new little friends.
From 7:30 am to 5:00 pm...
Without a nap.

Thank you monster.
We thanked her with icecream last night.

We are on the road...
headed to Eva's Uncle Jason and Aunt Kellie's house.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Heidi said...

Love these shots Nessa! Safe travels to you and have a great weekend!

Cari said...

Good Monster! Have a great weekend!

Carri said...

So many tomatoes- Yay!!!

Sandra Kohlmann said...

I canned three quarts of refrigerator pickles today and thought I was doing good. You are going to have tons of deliciousness to enjoy this winter!

Anonymous said...

Have an inspiring weekend!! I have no doubt.

pve design said...

Do Monsters like pickles? I love pickles and my husband does too!