A driving lesson


I am a great planner.
I think ahead and make sure things are where they need to be.
I also tend to worry so a bit of over planning can happen.

Extra diapers, snacks, games...
things we must have, might need and a few things just in case.

So when I left home to pickup my mom we were in good shape.
I had plan to get to our destination with Eva napping the majority of the drive.
More sleeping in car and one long stop.
It sounded perfect.

Then I hit some fog and stopped traffic.
An extra hour of stopped traffic.
So I made a new plan and kept on driving.

Fast forward to a three hours later 
we are only 20 minutes into our drive 
and on our second stop of the morning.  

Eva was sleeping and my mom was chatting...
I was all up in my head - thinking up a new plan.
Focussed on our destination... the next stop.

Then we hit traffic.
Stopped traffic.

As I sat there thinking, plotting and planning our timeline...
I realized that I had no idea what my mom was talking about.

I missed a whole conversation.
All because I busy planning.
Then, for once, I actually let it all go.

I stopped worrying and stopped watching the clock.
I listened and talked.
Soaked up the moments and enjoyed the ride.

Forgetting all about the destination...

We stopped over 7 times at least.
I lost count.

We played at the gas station.
Looked at big trucks and waved.
I stopped once just because it was pretty.

I realized on the drive home...
that I needed this lesson.
I had needed it badly.

Enjoying the process,
the moments in between.

Forgetting about the destination...
and just enjoying the drive taking us there.

Do you focus too much on the destination?


Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

Such an important lesson. I know I need to enjoy the small moments that make up my days more, without focusing on where I'm "going."

Sandra Kohlmann said...

My husband has to remind me of this almost every time we take a trip (short or long). I get so impatient and it often leads to little arguments that can really ruin the day. Thanks for sharing your experience!

from mel said...

LOVE this post. one of my favorites. and really needed to hear it today. thank you! :)

Melanie said...

This is a wondeful post Nessa! I think as moms we feel the need to always have everything all planned out to a T. I really needed to read these words. Thanks friend!!

Heidi said...

Oh Nessa, I love this. I do the same thing all day long. I am trying to be present, get out of my head. Thank you for the reminder, friend.

Val said...

My husband is the impatient traveler. He is destination man. I drive him crazy. I will stop whenever it pleases the kids and me. I wish my everyday could be like a road trip.

angie on maui said...

It's not about the destination, it's the journey! What a beautiful lesson learned. :)

Thanks again for your comment on my blog. I perused through yours and wanted to say that your photography is really beautiful! What kind of camera do you shoot with and what type of editing software do you use? I especially love the photo in today's post (Wordless Wednesday)...that cute little monster of yours. :) Beautiful!

Carol said...

Love the lesson here! I too get too focused on the goals and the plan, and where we are headed and lose sight of the day to day journey that gets us there! Glad you enjoyed the ride.

**how behind was I on your blog...holy cow...a little embarrassed here!**