Monster Version 1.8

One year and eight months.
(A few days late.)

We were traveling and you were dominating.
Internet was tough to come by and I didn't want to rush this one monster

The trip to Tennessee was great.  
I loved spending time with you, and watching you spend time with your grammy Eva.

Your Great Aunts were smitten...
Oreos, ice cream, candy...
it was being handed to you from all directions.

You were in attention heaven.
Soaking it up and dishing out thank-you kisses left and right.
(Kisses that bought you even more cookies and candy.)

And then there were all your cousins.
You love cousins... really love them.
They are all older, louder and so much fun.

They loved their new "baby" cousin...
even though you weren't sure who the baby was they kept referring to.
(You even looked for the baby - that was really hilarious.)

There have been so many new things this month monster...
one of my favorites is seeing your imagination.
You started to play pretend and it is my new favorite.

On our trip, you started a game of pretending to be puppies.
You made little barks,  did some crawling and even some panting.
In a few minutes you had a l whole litter of cousin-puppies behind you.

When you started eating play carrots out of a bowl - it was too much.
If you had a cuteness gauge - it would have been screaming sirens for the cuteness overload.

This photo was taking while we were having lunch with "the Aunts"
I love this concentration face... tongue peaking out.
That is from your daddy... he does that too.

Happy 20 months monster.
You are our favorite.


Melanie said...

OMGOSH Nessa! Monster looks so BIG in that picture! Ahh.. such a little grown up. Don't worry mama, she will always be your baby. You are raising such a ray of sunshine!

Cari said...

I grew up in Tennessee, my home sweet, hot, sticky home. Isn't it amazing how kids just do something amazing one day that they've never done before!? Imagination is my favorite too, nuture it...I know you will. She is my favorite 20 month old monster too!

Carol said...

Adorable...you can just see how focused she is! Love it! My girls have big imaginations too...they are always morphing in to horses or dinosaurs, or puppies. Definitely something to treasure!