Michael was working so we went with some friends.
The monster loves her costume.
She really loves her tail.

She was excited to see her friends...
especially the ones who had tails.

We started out.
I was so excited.

This year she can walk to doors.
She could carry her bucket
She could even say treat-treat.

The monster was not a fan.
She did not want candy.
She did not like going to doors.

She did not like jack-o-lanterns.
"Kun-Kin ouch hot!"

People in masks scare her.
Sorry mister with the gorilla mask on.

I didn't know the monster would scream and cry...
or that she would swat at you.
It really wasn't your fault.

It was the most hilarious evening.
We went and picked up some treats and headed home.

Passed out a little candy. 
Watched some Fraggle Rock.

Took off the costume and went to bed.
You make me laugh monster.

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Kelly said...

Carter was not into trick or treating at all. He wanted nothing to do with the bucket and walking around the neighborhood. The only thing he liked was picking out candy to give to other kids. Oh well! He looked adorable while doing it and I'm sure E did too :) There's always next year!

Lyryn said...

This is great!

Shan said...

Too cute!

Loving your site so much I gave you a Liebster Award today. See it here at: http://blog.familybringsjoy.com/2011/11/01/love-for-the-up-coming-blogs-liebster-awards/ Congratulations!

Heidi said...

That monster makes me laugh too. Sounds like a good night nonetheless. :)

Life with Kaishon said...

Your monster sounds like she is the cutest little thing : ) What a fun night. Maybe next year she will like it more. : )

Kellie said...

That's so sad! Alyssa loved it. Every door she would say "bye bye see ya!". Next year will be better mommy!

Carol said...

Awe. I almost guarantee that next year she will be running door to door.