Yawn and Gravy

Eva Yawning

I am tired.

The good kind of tired.
Busy getting ready to feed the entire family kind of tired.

I think have everything I need for tomorrow.
I hope.

I underestimated the size of turkey I needed...
I rushed out tonight and bought a supplemental turkey breast.
I think that will make it all okay.

It took three grocery stores to find one.
I felt kinship with the other last minute shoppers.
Rush in and look at the depleted shelves in hope and desperation.

I also bought a crate of clementines at the first store.
They were half gone by the time we made it home.
Eva helped... a tiny bit.

I am sure it will be worse tomorrow.
So I am REALLY hoping I thought of everything.
But I think we might be running low on milk as I type this.

I can't wait for my post Thanksgiving dinner nap.
Is that a tradition for everyone else too?

Nap and then pie.
What a great sentence that is.

That is one of the many reasons I love Thanksgiving.
You eat until you can eat no more...
and then you nap.

And then there is mashed potatoes and gravy...
oh I love those.


Black and White Wednesday  and then, she {snapped} 


Keetha Broyles said...

Love that picture!

I'm tired too - - - the "middle of the night but I'm afraid to go back to sleep for fear I'll return to the SAME someone is chasing me forever trying to kill me" nightmare I just left.

Man - - - - I want to go back to sleep!

Desirae R said...

Such a cute picture!

Hope you have a nice thanksgiving :)

Amanda said...

Cute! I really like the lighting of this shot.

Cari from Bubble Gum on my Shoe said...

Naps ARE good. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nikki said...

Hooray for cooking Thanksgiving...my pies are baking as we speak. Have a great Holiday!

Adrienne said...

Enjoy your day...especially the naps and the pies! We're celebrating Friday so the newlyweds can enjoy his family on Thursday. Sweet shot ~ and I confess to yawning when I first saw it. Is it possible that even photographed yawns are contageous??

Carmen and Rachelle said...

AWWW! I just love the picture! ;) -Rachelle

rachel said...

Nessa, Can I just say that I love Eva? Or is that weird? Your pictures of her make me feel like I've met her and that she and Charlie would be great friends...Have a happy thanksgiving! xxoo

Heidi said...

Love this so much. Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friend!