We are excited.
Super, over-the-moon excited.

We found out on the first day of November.
Michael had been claiming it to be true for a while before that.

I had been getting sick for a few days.
The tests were all negative, so I thought I was fighting a virus.

Nope, not a virus.
Michael was right.

Couch spot

This is my spot.
My couch spot. 
Because I am still getting sick.

I thought I had morning sickness with Eva.
Boy, was I was a whiney baby then.
I have "tossed my cookies" more times in one day this time than the entire last pregnancy.

I still smile about it...
hormones high enough to make me this sick are good things.
Well, I smile most of the time.

I did start crying in Chipotle's parking lot last night.
Being hungry and not wanting to eat is a horrible feeling.

We are making it.  Eva is a trooper.
She has watched a little more TV than normal, but hasn't complained about it.

Our little one is due in July.
July 4th by my dates and July 13th by measurements.

Eva measured a week smaller than we thought in her first ultrasound.
Later, they put her closer to our first due date.
Dates don't matter much anyway.

Eva thinks that everyone has a baby in their belly.
It cracks me up.

Especially when she goes looking for grampa's baby.
It has giving him a complex...
he says he needs to loose a few pounds now.

So, lately things have been a little slower.
Except when I have been running to the bathroom.

I have been napping a lot.
Going to bed early.

I am hoping this nausea turns the corner soon.
The doctor gave me a lecture and is expecting the scales to go the other way next time.
Me too.

But things couldn't be more awesome.



Lora said...

so so happy for you!! congratulations on your new little one. i'll be praying that you start to feel better very soon. :) lora

ArtyMarti said...

What good news! Congratulations. Sounds like you have a little fire cracker already.

Adrienne said...

yes, feel better...I confess to never having experienced morning sickness with pregnancy...but I'm thrilled for high hormone levels for you and the promise that new life holds! My husband and his dad are July babies (7th and 3rd)... and they choose to believe that all the fireworks are for them!

Amy Sullivan said...

Oh, very, very exciting. Congrats, and good for you for napping.

Ellie A. said...

The Biggest of Congrats & Blessings to you :)

Erin said...

Eww, sorry to hear you've been sick! It is such a miserable few months, feeling that way :( I'm so glad to have finally turned the corner, and now I barely remember it, as weird as that seems - given that I couldn't imagine EVER FEELING BETTER at the time! Hope you feel better sooner than I did... and yes, being hungry and sick and not wanting to eat IS the worst! Gross :(

Sara said...

That is such wonderful news!! Hope you start feeling better quickly!

Rachel said...

Awesome news, congrats! :) I hope you start to feel better soon.

Carissa Marie said...

So happy for you!!! I'm sure Eva will be a great big sister :)

Feel better soon!

Branson said...

So exciting! Congratulations! I had horrible morning sickness well past when it was "normal" so I feel for you! :)

Anonymous said...

This is the essence of life! Bask in this beautiful wonder, puke in awe and enjoy every agonizing second of it!!

Merry Christmas indeed!!

Meredith said...

How amazing! Congrats Nessa, and I hope you start feeling better soon!

Shan said...

Congratulations! Sorry about the sickness...the things us women have to endure. So unfair! Hang in there and be gentle with yourself. :)