Chair Dirty

I am trying to clean this chair.
It is soaking, again.
Not sure if it is going to make it.
Eva now has to drink her milk in her high chair.
That bums us both out.
Still no tree.
It is raining and raining. 
I am not sure what you do with a soaking wet tree.

Eva Looking Up

The dirty chair was the time out spot.
So we sit in the floor where the chair used to sit.
I think Eva misses her chair.
Do you guys use time out?
We do.
I am not sure how effective timeout are...
See this face.

Eva Smiling up

Eva is in cloth diapers full time.
It wasn't as hard as I thought.
I should have done it sooner... a lot sooner.
I am still sick.
Eva is still sick.
Being sick is a good excuse to eat a lot of clementines.
Vitamin C and it's wonderful powers.
I really didn't need the excuse.

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ArtyMarti said...

Hope you and Eva start to feel better soon. She looks like she enjoys time out.

Adrienne said...

Sorry for the chair :-(
Sorry I have no helpful cleaning hints.
LOVE that first expression.
And...time outs proved to be very, very effective in the long run for us ~ mostly cause (I think) it trains kids to recognize when they're not handling their emotions well, take a step "out" and work through the emotions. Again, in the LONG run, I believe it eventually led our kids to some great, grown up coping mechanisms.

Sandra Kohlmann said...

Yahoo for cloth diapers! They're not hard at all. I love using them.

My daughters are only allowed to eat and drink in their high chairs. They don't even get water, unless they're buckled in. It controls spills and encourages good eating behavior. If they aren't really hungry or thirsty, they won't eat, because they don't want to stop playing. It discourages mindless eating. I am not concerned with my daughters' weight (in fact, I would like them to put on a few pounds), but I don't want them to battle their weight all their life, like I have.

As for the tree, try putting it in the stand in your garage for a day or two to dry out. Then bring it in the house and let it stand over night, before decorating. That's what we did.

Cari from Bubble Gum on my Shoe said...

That's a cute chair! I used time-out when my kiddos were that little. I think the main point of it is to serve more of a distraction from whatever they were doing that was naughty and introduce consequence system. Yep, lots of laughter in time-out for us too, but maybe laughter in time out is better than a full on kicking screaming tantrum in time out? Sorry you guys are sick, hope you get well soon...and we can go through a bag of Clementines in no time too, love them.

Alene said...

What a precious post, chair, and little one. When mine were little, I too used those time out spots everyday. Love your bloggy world.

Kelly said...

That poor, poor chair. But doesn't she look like she was having the time of her life? hahaha

Nikki said...

Weve been using time outs and I think Harper gets it, but who knows. We just use any available corner or wall space so she knows time outs can happen anywhere.

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Well, no hints for the chair, but both of my Grans, 2 & 3 years old get time outs. Their parents definitely believe in them. :o)

What a cutie you have! Just adorable! And, do hope you both get to feeling better very soon.

Thanks for stopping by today. I always enjoy meeting a new blogging buddy. And, I'm all over mascara too! :o)

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness. That face is precious! I don't know how I'll handle it when I have one of my own... haha. Also, that chair is soaked! Good grief. Hope you can save it!

Melanie said...

Hope you girls are all better now! Yes. we have a very popular time out chair too!

Carol said...

That one photo of her made me lol, she's got mischief in her eyes for sure! We've had similar incidents. I hope your chair survives.

We use timeout after verbal warnings fail. For instance, CHloe smacks Cam in the head with a toy, she has to apologize and we move her away from her, she gets a time out warning. If she does it again, then time out...and if she does it a 3rd time - straight to bed. Gotta love disciplining toddlers!

Val said...

Too stinkin cute.

kristance ann said...

i found the "calm down jar" on pinterest, and am a little afraid to use it for fear that my kids will think it is fun! haha. i do time out at my house too.