Written December 6, 2011

Ok little one...

Your big sister is napping.
I was babysitting for a friend and they just left.
And now I am bawling my eyes out.

Why one might ask?
Toy Story 3.

It is a good movie for a 4 year old who is sad about his mommy being gone.
It is also a sneaky emotional movie, especially when you are pregnant and hormonal.


Babies grow up.
They turn into little kids.
Little kids grow up and go to college.

I know you might not even have eyelashes yet, 
but before you blink you will be walking and talking.

With your sister, I was so impatient.
9 months seemed way too long to wait to meet her.

Although I am so excited to meet you...
I am fine with having you be all snuggled inside for right now.

Time will be over before I know it...
and I am rushing nothing this time.

However, I think my hormones are high enough okay?
These Christmas commercials are making me misty.


Adrienne said...

I was completely blindsided by this movie. Went cause a friend with young ones wanted to go and was prepared to be bored. hmmmm... this {almost at the time} empty nester was a mess by the end of it! I love your perspective on keeping baby all snuggled inside ~ one stage at a time, right!?

Noe said...

Enjoy every bit of it... time flies..by too fast.. precious moments sometimes fly away without us even noticing them.... What a blessing to be living so many emotions at the most emotional season of the year, right! ;)

Melanie said...

Oh girl... I cry every time we watch Toy Story 3, which is often, Jax LOVES it. (and mama is not preggers(darn it)

We watched Up last night & I also got teared up. My monthly pal must be coming? I'm sure you've seen Up, but if not it's a must. My fav! Sending love to you & your sweet growing family! Xoxo

Heidi said...

Nessa, seriously, no TV right now. :)

Kelly said...

I cried during that entire movie and I'm not even pregnant!! Not at all what I was expecting from a kids movie but I loved it ;)

Mandi said...

Aw, I have been slacking on blogging lately but I like to swing by and read yours from time to time. And I totally missed that you were expecting! Congratulations to you and your family!!

Carol said...

I haven't seen this movie yet, although we own it. Time is so fleeting, and the 2nd pregnancy always goes so much faster than the first. It's a tragedy really, you almost don't have time to really enjoy it. I am so happy for you, my friend!