Written: November 11, 2010


Dear Deedle,

So we are humming along at 6 weeks.

You are about the size of one of those delightful red berries. 
That seems way too tiny to me.

Too tiny for what you are.
A great, big, huge deal.

We haven't told many people.
Just a few friends because I can't hold the secret in.

We are going to surprise the family on Thanksgiving.
Everyone will be together and there will be great food to celebrate.

I am trying not to be nervous... not to worry.
Tell myself that everything will be as it should be.

Then I try to think of other things.
Your big sister will throw her lunch on the floor to help me out.

I will forget for a tiny split second that you are in there growing.
Then, I get a flash of your existence and it almost overwhelms me.

I have squealed out loud when this has happened.
And then I giggle.

You make us very happy.


Melanie said...

Your lovely sweet words make me happy! Over the moon happy for you mama!

ArtyMarti said...

From a tiny being to a total loved child, to a terrible toddler, to a terrific teen, to a terrific adult, it seems to happen in the blink of an eye.

Beard said...

Nice job on the Deedle Bump!

Is the lack of coffee making you shoot lasers? Or maybe coffee while expecting is okay now. They keep changing the preggo rules, so who knows.

Big sister will be excited.

Sandra Kohlmann said...

You're killing me Nessa! I love all your baby related posts and can't wait for more, but I am getting a fierce case of baby fever!

Kelly said...

I am so happy for you friend. Keep these posts coming. Deedle is going to love looking back on them one day :)

Carol said...

This is so sweet! Congratulations!